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Saturday, February 13, 2010

04. Haitian Creole "Byki" free flashcard software

Byki is software that, in its free version, provides a "smart" flashcard interface for lists of translation pairs. The user can pick from four steps for any "list" of vocabulary items: (1) see the Haitian Creole phrase and its English translation and play the Creole phrase at normal speed or slowed down, (2) see the Haitian Creole phrase and self-quiz or type the corresponding English phrase, and (3) see the English phrase and do the reverse in Haitian Creole. While the match must be exact, even including capitalization and punctuation, there is a button to click to "accept this answer as correct," which provides the user a little more flexibility. If you are a visual learner, or wish to see words paired with hearing model pronunciation, you might find this interface helpful for vocabulary memorization. One can also upgrade to a paying version, but I haven't tried it. Finally, Byki tries to take advantage of social networking capabilities to get users to share more vocabulary lists and to practice communicating with each other. The following link goes to the set of lists currently available for Haitian Creole: Users can download the software for Mac or Windows via a link on that same page.

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