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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

27. Long Haitian Creole/English medical phrase list

This resource is a 163-page document issued by Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technology Institute ( It is most easily downloaded via the following URL:

The document provides English phrases that a medical professional might use or hear, in alphabetical order, and a translation into Kreyol (Haitian Creole). I'd be interested in any reader comments on the accuracy of the translations given. At first pass it looks like idiomatic turns of phrase and high frequency expressions are pretty good.

One way to use this resource as a phrase dictionary is to look up a word, such as "walk," using the Adobe Acrobat Reader "search" function. Then you can find where the Haitian translation(s) of that word show up in phrases. Walk, for example, appears in five different phrases, each time as "mache." "Pain" shows up more times than I can count, usually translated as "doulè," but infrequently as something "fe m' mal."

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